Christian Youth in Action®

An exciting program for teenagers is Christian Youth In Action® (CYIA™).

In June, thousands of young people across the USA are trained to conduct 5-Day Clubs. Throughout the summer, these trainees have many opportunities to present the Gospel to boys and girls as well as experience the joy of leading others to the Lord.

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me." Matthew 18:5

Your youth! - Your enthusiasm! - Your energy! - Your commitment to the lord! - Your desire to lead the little ones to him!

These are the qualities that will enable you to serve with Christian Youth in Action® in Lancaster County, under the direction of Child Evangelism Fellowship®.

God is using Christian youth as missionaries to America's 50 million unreached children! Across the nation, over 3,000 young people trained by Child Evangelism Fellowship's Christian Youth in Action program, are telling the story of God's love.

Why should you commit to this?

Unreached children need to hear about Jesus. Two thirds of Lancaster County's 80,000 plus children never attend church or Sunday school. Many have never even heard the Gospel. Christian children need encouragement in their walk with God.

What will you be doing?

You will be presenting the Gospel to boys and girls through 5-Day Clubs® and Day Camps. 5-Day Clubs are held in neighborhoods, backyards, porches, living rooms, churches, parks, and anywhere there are children. You will be involved with these children in presenting Bible lessons, missionary stories, and leading them in singing and review games.

What training will you have?

A two week intensive training program is held by Child Evangelism Fellowship of PA. This will equip you to carry out all that is included in a 5-Day Club. You will learn how to teach a Bible lesson, which will include the Gospel message, an invitation, and a main truth for the saved children within your club. Music, review games, and teaching a Bible verse effectively will also be a part of your training. All of this will be helpful in any future ministry to which you may be called. CEF® will provide the training.

Will you be paid?

You will be asked to help raise your support by contacting friends, relatives, church members, or other interested persons or groups. CEF® will help you format your letter and do the mailing for you upon the completion of your letter. You will be paid a salary for seven weeks, including the summer training school, and subsequent weeks of active ministry following successful completion of your training school. All your materials will be provided and club travel expenses covered.

What requirements must you meet?

  • Must be 14 years of age or older
  • Must be a growing Christian
  • Have a desire to work with children
  • Meet the requirements at training school and attend an entire two weeks

Also must attend:

  • Pre-training sessions - (Dates to be determined.)
  • Testimony & picnic - (Dates to be determined.)
  • Scheduled weekly meetings - (Dates to be determined.)

*CYIA staff are not always teenagers, in fact, many adults have served very effectively. Individuals 14 years of age may apply for Support Missionary.

In their own words:

“Being a CYIA has completely transformed me. The Lord really taught me this summer how to be dependent on Him. I can look back and say, ‘Wow my summer was worthwhile’ Praise God!”

“Teaching children has definitely strengthened my walk with the Lord. I feel so blessed not only to have my life changed, but also to have been a part of changing these kids’ lives forever, too.”

“What an incredible summer this has been! It is amazing what God does when His word is spread; not only in those who receive the teaching, but in those teaching it.”

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