Your Church
and CEF

Why Is This Partnership So Important?

Have you heard of the 4/14 Window? It’s a wide-open window! It illustrates the ages between which 85% of decisions for Christ are made. There is a particular need to share the Gospel with boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 14. What is one way we can work on the 4/14 Window? Through the after school Good News Clubs®! Imagine the impact on the children of Lancaster County if Good News Club were held in all the public elementary schools!

Some of the questions we hear from current Good News Clubbers:

  • What is the Bible?
  • Who made God?
  • Are these Bible stories really true?
  • How can Jesus be my Savior?
  • Why do you come here and teach us?

We praise God for the opportunity to answer these questions and we praise Him for the many volunteers who are committed to meeting with the children on a weekly basis.

What Is Happening With Good News Clubs In Lancaster County?

There are 80,000 plus children in Lancaster County. Where are these children found? They are quite often found at school. In Lancaster County there are over 70 public elementary schools. Can we be in all of them?

By the power of God, we can. Currently, volunteers are working in 38 of our schools. CEF is committed to bringing the Bible message to the children. We praise God for the over 1,000 boys and girls who are currently attending Good News Clubs.

Volunteers come to instruct the children, to counsel them, to show them God's love and invite them to come to the Savior.

At some of the after school clubs, the school teachers and even the principal are coming to share testimonies of their faith in Jesus with the students. At several others, teachers are participating in teaching the club after school.

From Mat Staver, President, Liberty Counsel

"I have encountered parents and principals who don't necessarily consider themselves to be religious but who strongly endorse the Good News Clubs. The reason is they've seen the positive results in the lives of children who attend these clubs."

"I believe every church in America ought to adopt a local public elementary school in order to ensure that a Good News Club is operating on each elementary school campus"

"For the first time in our life, we have the opportunity to teach character and moral development---to teach purpose and meaning to someone who has a meaningless existence….It is, in our lifetime, an opportunity that we don't know how long it will last."

"Let's not stand here gazing. Jesus has given us power, we shall be His witnesses, He is coming again, He will ask us about our role.

Let's follow the vision by God's grace; let's be soldiers of Christ and take the Bible Back to Every Public School."


    The Need:

  • There are 80,000 plus children in Lancaster County
  • 85% of decisions for Christ are made by age 14
  • Bible illiteracy in our nation and county

Your Response:

    Adopt Your Local Public Elementary School by committing to:

  • Pray regularly
  • Send workers
  • Give financially
  • Welcome “unchurched” children and families into the church