Special Projects

$5000 Fund a Good News Club for a Season
$2800 Fund a JYC™ (Middle School Club) for a year
$2500 Share the Cost of a Good News Club Season
$2000 Supply Updated Bible Curriculum to 5 Clubs
$1000 Daily Devotional Books for Every Child in Good News Clubs
$900 Rental Fees for 3 Good News Clubs for a Year
$600 Provide Snacks and Prizes to 3 Good News Clubs
$450 Supply a Good News Club with Bible Curriculum and Teaching Materials
$300 Train a team of Good News Club Workers for a Year
$200 Purchase enough Bibles for children in 1 whole club
$100 Organizational materials for a brand new Good News Club

Call or email the office to participate in any of the above activities
(717) 569-5412 -